Transforming Leadership and Applying Innovation

At BCCM Global, we’re dedicated to shaping leaders and sparking innovation worldwide. With campuses in Malta, France, and Switzerland, we offer a global perspective on education, making learning accessible anytime, anywhere. Our commitment to affordable, progressive, and accredited education sets us apart. Our community thrives in a productive, ethical, and professional environment. Since our start, we’ve been expanding intellectual and creative boundaries, championing academic excellence, and encouraging a multidimensional approach to learning. Our students are equipped to explore and influence an ever-changing world, transcending traditional academic barriers. Join us at BCCM Global, where your journey to leadership and innovation begins.

Why BCCM Global?

BCCM Global is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

  • International focus – our students come from across the globe

  • Residential courses – we encourage learning and growth

  • People not profits – education is a right not a privilege


Our Mission: A Commitment to Transformative Education

BCCM Global is dedicated to offering exceptional online and distance education that is both affordable and inclusive. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and beliefs, creating a transformational educational experience within a supportive academic and professional community. Our mission is to empower students to discover and harness their unique gifts and talents, enabling them to reach their full personal and professional potential.

Our Vision: Leading in Career-Focused Anytime-Anywhere Education

BCCM Global strives to be the premier career-oriented and anytime-anywhere education provider for students worldwide. We offer access to specialized, cutting-edge, and accredited higher education in a dynamic work environment, guided by the loftiest moral and professional standards.

Institutional Objectives: Excellence and Diversity

  • To enroll, retain, and graduate a diverse student body poised for academic and professional success.
  • To offer comprehensive educational programs, from certificates to doctorates, preparing students for fruitful careers and providing the intellectual, cultural, and ethical foundations vital for contributing to a dynamic global community.
  • To attract and retain a diverse, top-tier faculty and staff.
  • To cultivate a tradition of teaching excellence and student concern.
  • To ensure a supportive, secure, and stimulating academic environment fostering community.
  • To provide responsive and effective services supporting outstanding academic and public service programs.
  • To establish global partnerships with universities of high repute, enabling worldwide academic program delivery.
  • To lead and engage in global higher education initiatives aligning with BCCM Global’s vision, mission, and purpose.

Our Values: Inclusion, Innovation, Empowerment, and Excellence

  • Inclusive, Global, Diverse: Fostering a unique academic milieu that welcomes students globally, driving innovative solutions through embracing diversity.
  • Innovative: Developing and delivering unique, value-driven academic programs with innovation at the core of our teaching, learning, and research.
  • Empower: Creating a collaborative educational environment, offering guidance and information anytime to assist students in achieving success.
  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Attracting a diverse student population, enhancing effective teaching, supporting professional programs, and conducting world-class research relevant to Europe and beyond.
  • Excellence in Civic Engagement: Enhancing civic engagement capacity, improving service partnerships, and reinforcing commitment to Switzerland, Europe, and the world.

Our Achievements

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Latest Updates

Latest Updates

Our Courses

Our courses are designed in collaboration with leading industry partners.
– Our Banking & Finance program is a Four-Month online course that involves Training and in-person sessions. We offer 24/7 student support and students can visit the LMS portal for queries or additional help. You get career advice from Industry leaders and mentors. Both live and recorded sessions are available on the site. Along with all this, we have partnerships with various esteemed universities and organizations worldwide.
– Our Master of Business Administration(M.B.A) comes with an interview guarantee, you can get placed in managerial level job roles – Business Manager/Executive, Financial Analyst/Manager, Marketing Manager, Human Resource Manager, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Management Consultant, Investment Banker, Supply Chain Manager, Entrepreneur, Business Analyst, etc.

Our Courses

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